Fresh Vegetables

My mother came down to Toronto this weekend and we did so many lovely things. We did not garden, but we did go to a few farmers markets and the vegetables have been looking so beautiful. As I've mentioned before, I live in little Portugal, on the second floor of an old brick house, but the backyard is used by the land lord's mother. She is a lovely Portuguese lady that is evidently an amazing gardener. If I'm lucky enough to see her in the garden, she always gives me some fresh vegetables! So I just felt that I had to take some photographs of it! I'm wearing a skirt that I made last year from beautiful organic cotton. I have made so many things out of that material: last night I used a scrap of it as a scarf. If you live in Toronto, I bought it from designer fabrics on Brock.  Anyway, pretend gardening, this is the closest I'll get to becoming Marie Antoinette.


  1. You look so very at home in the garden that I'd never have guessed it was 'pretend' gardening! The print of the fabric is beautiful - as are you, especially against the soft turquoise door of the first image.

    1. I did do a lot of weeding for my mother when I was a girl, so maybe that helped? And thanks for the compliment, means a lot coming from such a babe ; )