In Remembrance of My Grandfather

My Grandfather passed away a few years ago, but he left behind his collection of beautiful books, papers, and objects. All these things remind me of him, and I am glad to have inherited so many of them. One of my favourite things of his my mother gave to me only a few months ago. It is an old catalog from the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo from the 1950 season that he must have gone to see on one of his trips to the states. Anyway, the photographs of the ballerina's are amazing so I just had to do something special with them. I decided to try and use photoshop to make collages so that I didn't have to ruin the original images. I like how they turned out, but I'm hoping that my skills will improve so I can make more complicated ones in the future. Many of the ballerina's in this catalog are already wearing headpieces, but I couldn't resist putting my own on them.


  1. really beautiful images! i think is amazing to have artistic more deep and full of relevance!

  2. How lovely - your addition of the flower crowns is trés bien too. Your grandfather sounds like he was a wonderfully interesting man! X

  3. Great bit of photoshopping with your headpieces! And what an extremely special collection to have inherited from your grandad.