Raphealla the Star

Well I know I said I wouldn't show anymore headpiece headshots for the next little while, but really they are what I do best. As soon as winter hits I start to try and look exactly like a Russian doll, so that is where the inspiration came from for this one. I've named it the Catalina, and it can be purchased here.

I've paired it here with the dress I bought at the salvation army for the Italian Festival in my home town last summer. The star of that festival is an Italian woman named Raphealla that moved to Thunder Bay in the 40s. She goes to the Catholic Church that I went to every (and I mean every) Sunday when I was growing up. I would always wait for her to walk in because she would come in late, wearing six inch heals, and the largest earrings you have ever seen. Even though she must be in her 70s or 80s now she still wears the most amazing outfits. She noticed me and my dress at the Italian festival and asked my mother about me so I was finally introduced to her. Even though her English is not very good, she told me I was beautiful, and I told her that she was. It was really a very special moment to me, I have always admired her courage to dress how she wanted to in really a very conservative and utilitarian small town in northern Canada.

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