My absolute favourite part about living in Toronto is Rose season! It comes some time in early June, and lasts about one glorious month. My middle name is rose, so I used to think I had a particular affinity for the flower. But I was also born in June, so once I moved to Toronto I began to think that the rose and I are destined for life. This also means that I can never leave Toronto. I guess roses in June is a common thing in most places, but I grew up in a very small and cold place in Canada, so roses didn't come until at least July, if at all. 
Anyway, because the area I live in in Toronto is Little Portugal, the roses are particularly spectacular. So, one gorgeous day in June Francine and I biked around our neighborhood scoping out the best roses. I wore my new moon headpiece that I made, and, well I actually also made this dress. It was quite the adventure, and we met some pretty interesting people along the way. But I won't bore you with that. This headpiece can be purchased here! I was made from little odds and ends so it's really one of a kind!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks like the roses are swallowing you up. So beautiful!

  2. That little black dress is stunning. If I owned something so cute, I'd wear it everywhere!